Unboxing Phenomenon to Become a Feature Film?

Unboxing Pic 750x422 - Unboxing Phenomenon to Become a Feature Film?

Unboxing videos have become all the rage; from hotly-anticipated electronics to mystery packages purchased on the “dark web”. YouTube is awash with videos of excited buyers ripping into their recently arrived packages, eager to share the treasure (or mysteries) within with their followers. Today, we’re getting word that the unboxing phenomenon is being developed into a feature film at Paramount.

Early reports compare Unboxing’s plot to Gremlins: A YouTube unboxer decides to treat her followers to something a little different: Opening her fathers secret safe. What she unlocks, however, is a bevy of mischievous imps! The script for Unboxing was penned by Jim Hecht and will be produced by Pocket.watch.

No word yet on who’s directing and starring or a target release date, but we’ll be unpacking additional details as news emerges. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out a random yet mysterious unboxing video below.

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Source: Deadline



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