Summon Darkness in These Exclusive PENTAGRAM Stills

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In 2019, Steve Lawson (Aura) will release his upcoming supernatural horror film Pentagram, which is inspired by Hammer’s The Devil Rides Out and To The Devil…A Daughter.

In the movie, “…four young people find themselves trapped within a mystic chalk pentagram at an abandoned house in the middle of the night. As well as being a prison for the group, the pentagram is their only protection from a demonic entity that stalks from the shadows.

Producer Jonathan Sothcott commented, “Pentagram is an incredibly strong horror concept; it has a real Hammer House of Horror sensibility to it, but it’s also very modern and in the Blumhouse style. Our kids trapped within the pentagram are like swimmers stranded on a rock in shark-infested waters, but they have much more to lose than their lives. Our ‘monster’, known as The Collector, is something pretty cool and I am sure genre fans are really going to love this movie.”

Today, we’ve got several exclusive stills from the film, which you can see the gallery below.

Pentagram was written and directed by Steve Lawson and stars Chloe Farnworth, Alexis Rodney, Charlie Woodward, Rachel Warren, Jessica Arterton, and Emily Price.

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