Feast DVD Finals


Click here to see the Feast DVD bigger!October 17th will see the release of Feast on DVD, bringing to an end nearly two years of waiting and wondering just what the hell the new Weinstein Co. would be doing with the film after they chose to take it with them. Turns out they’re giving it a shitty theatrical release and dumping it to disc. What a surprise.

Davis DVD got ahold of both the final DVD art and specs for what will be included, which will be a commentary by director John Gulager along with other cast and crew, a featurette called “Horror Under the Spotlight: the Making of Feast” (which will no doubt focus on the “Project Greenlight” aspect), “The Blood and Guts of Gary Tunnicliffe”, deleted scenes, outtakes & bloopers, and some trailers… which will be nice since we’ve never actually seen an official trailer for the damn movie.

I sound bitter, but I guess I should be happy that this highly praised monster romp (read our early review of it here) is finally getting out to the public who so desperately wants to see it, myself included.

Johnny Butane

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