Stream John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN on Shudder Today for Free!

By Josh Millican

Halloween 1978 Poster 196x300 - Stream John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN on Shudder Today for Free!It’s Halloween, and for fans of horror movies, the day wouldn’t be complete without watching John Carpenter’s seminal slasher, Halloween, released in 1978. Though not the first slasher flick, it’s widely credited with popularizing the premiere subgenre of the 1980s. If you don’t have cable or a DVD player, you’re still in luck: Shudder is streaming Halloween right now and will continue until November. Best of all, it’s free!

Watch John Carpenter’s Halloween on Shudder for free, right now, HERE.

If you’ve never experienced John Carpenter’s Halloween for yourself, peep the synopsis and trailer below.

On a cold Halloween night in 1963, six-year-old Michael Myers brutally murdered his 17-year-old sister, Judith. He was sentenced and locked away for 15 years. But on October 30, 1978, while being transferred for a court date, a 21-year-old Michael Myers steals a car and escapes Smith’s Grove. He returns to his quiet hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, where he looks for his next victims.

Carpenter directed Halloween from a screenplay he co-wrote with Debra Hill; the film stars Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tony Moran.

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