Halloween Highest - Who Goes There Podcast: Ep 186 - HALLOWEEN (2018)

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep 186 – HALLOWEEN (2018)

Happy Halloween! We totally held back this episode just so we could release it on Halloween! Isn’t that smart and spooky of us? We hope you’ve got your costume, your candy and some time to kill because your favorite idiots are about to discuss 2018’s Halloween! (Review starts at 31:56)

Ever since the announcement of the newest installment in the franchise the horror world has been split right down the middle. While some welcome a fresh perspective on the original, many are fans are upset that their precious franchise has been changed. What did we think? Who fuckin cares?!

Halloween Easter Egg 1024x535 - Who Goes There Podcast: Ep 186 - HALLOWEEN (2018)

This guy’s not gonna leak all over my ice cream, is he? It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 186!

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