Exclusive HARGLOW “Red Leather” Track Premiere is Perfect For Synthy Witchiness

harglowbanner 750x422 - Exclusive HARGLOW "Red Leather" Track Premiere is Perfect For Synthy Witchiness

harglowvinylpackaging 300x230 - Exclusive HARGLOW "Red Leather" Track Premiere is Perfect For Synthy WitchinessDim the lights, draw the curtains, set some candles alight, and prepare to enter a sonic world of eerie beauty, one that will feel perfect as you walk through trees bereft of leaves, their branches eagerly reaching towards you to brush the hair from your cheek while wind whispers between the trunks, swirling about you… Prepare, readers to enter the world of the dark music duo known as Harglow.

Originally based out of Oklahoma City, Harglow is the brainchild of musicians Colin Nance and Eric Gorman, both horror fans who decided to combine their passions of both worlds into one cohesive unit. Today, we’re premiering the track “Red Leather”, which comes from the band’s debut album, one that was the process of several months of working over a distance. You can listen to the track above.

Harglow tells Dread Central, “Red Leather was one of the first tracks we recorded. It set the basis for how we would assemble and base all the other songs to come after it for the rest of the recording process. We structured it based off of field recordings we had been collecting over the prior months. For instance, a power washer spraying a screen printing screen at very close proximity, became the main part of Red Leather. The idea was to manipulate these recordings by pitch shifting them, running them through malfunctioning tape machines, looping and treating them until they were warped beyond recognition from the original sounds. Then we would lay rhythm, electronics, guitars and vocals over them. The resulting sounds brought to mind a soundtrack to nightmares, occult rituals, and all things macabre.”

Harglow‘s debut album will be released this Wednesday, October 31 (how appropriate, right?) through Burning Witches Records. The album will be limited to 300 copies worldwide and will be released on limited pink and black split vinyl with a 12×12 insert, a download card, and packaging that features the art of Ben Turner.



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