Here’s Every Horror Rental Coming to Video on Demand This Week! (10/22)

This week we have a masked slasher, a Blair Witch style documentary and a practical effects fueled monster zombie vacation film. There’s also a Training Day parody featuring skyscraper-sized snakes, a murderous priest and the anticipated release of a horror film receiving the highest of critical praises. It’s the wonderful world of video on demand horror in all her glory.

Here’s everything you’ll have the option of renting this week:

Blessed Are the Children (October 23rd, Available for pre-order)

Let’s start it off with a slasher shall we? After Traci gets an abortion, she and her friends are stalked by a baby faced madman. No, I don’t mean baby faced as in he must use moisturizer. I mean baby faced as in the dude looks like he’s wearing one of those scary ass man baby masks. This Wild Eye Releasing production has been described as a Black Christmas meets Halloween type, throwback slasher.

Butterfly Kisses (October 23rd, Available for pre-order)

A fiction found footage documentary; Butterfly Kisses uses multiple sub genres to try and re-create that original Blair Witch atmosphere. If you can make it feel real, you can make anything truly frightening.

I’ll never forget being a kid and seeing the original Blair Witch Project marketing documentary on Syfy for the first time. Call me gullible but I thought it was supposed to be real. I’ve never in my life felt that frozen with fear watching anything. The found footage genre has plenty of detractors, but the genre has allowed filmmakers such as Erick Kristopher Myers to use their creativity and sometimes scare the shit out of us.

Dead Squad: Temple of the Undead (October 23rd , on multiple VOD platforms)

It’s always fun to see a horror film with a modest budget shoot for the stars using practical effects. In Dead Squad a group of Australian party goers stumble upon a mix between the hatch from Lost and the Nickelodeon’s Legends of the Hidden Temple set. Which is awesome. Once inside, they uncover a crazy Nazi zombie monster experiment gone wrong, lending to a swath of bat-shit crazy creatures attacking them. One of them even kind of looks like Nemesis from Resident Evil

Snake Outta Compton (October 23rd, DVD available here)

There are just so many things happening here. Obviously, this is a Sharknado style ultra CGI monster movie comedy. There’s also a Training Day parody and a Straight Outta Compton storyline in the vein of Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. I feel like I’ve just downed four Red Bulls and taken my kids to Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday. Actually, that sounds truly horrifying. The movie looks hilarious.

Holy Hell (October 23rd, DVD available here)

Perfect for that I want to see a priest murder people in a Robert Rodriguez type film on a budget mood. Happens to me every damn Tuesday. Holy Hell describes itself as full of anarchic glee and features a bloodthirsty priest out to give God the day off. Oh, and he hates God. Extra points if you watch this one in a filthy, saloon style bar wearing a Marilyn Manson tank top. Ask for a man named Bucho.

Killer Kate! (October 26th in theaters and VOD)

This is why I don’t go bungee jumping in Mexico. They JUST don’t have the regulations. In the fantastically titled Killer Kate, a bachelorette party trip booked on a home sharing app goes haywire. A group of crazies show up and start trying to kill the attendees, except nobody accounted for the savageness of Kate! Fun fact, Kate also happens to be my Wife’s name. It’s fitting. I never said that. I was never here.

The Dark (October 26th on multiple VOD platforms)

This particular VOD film currently sits on Rotten Tomatoes with a 100% fresh score on the first ten reviews. Highly reputable sources who have seen the film at the Fantasia Film Festival report that Justin P. Lange’s debut feature film is fantastic and thoughtful, drawing comparisons to 2008’s Let the Right One In. It involves a flesh-eating girl who comes across and decides to protect a blind boy she finds in the trunk of a car. This will definitely be the first one I check out this weekend!

What will you be checking out this week? Thanks for reading!



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