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DONT TURN AROUND Delivers Chilling Texting Horror Stories 24/7



Creepy Texts from a Park - DONT TURN AROUND Delivers Chilling Texting Horror Stories 24/7

In 2014, Unfriended became the first major “desktop” horror movie to have a significant impact on the genre. Now, the folks at Don’t Turn Around are pioneering another, even more basic form of techno-terror: Texting horror stories! This means the dread unfolds as a text conversation and can include anything you can actually see or hear on your phone (images, audio, and video).

Don’t Turn Around began as a YouTube channel which boasts 237,000 subscribers; now, they’ve launched their own website: now hosts texting horror stories 24/7 on a platform that allows readers to progress at their own speed. They’re building an immense library with new content added weekly.

Peruse the site yourself for titles like The Creepy School Bus, Burnt Alive, and It Watches from Behind the Mirror! Don’t Turn Around creator Paul Hough tells us:

“Each story I write is like a mini-horror film. They all rely on characters, atmosphere, plot, audio, and like short films, they all need an ending that’s impactful and something you often don’t see coming.

“ offers a new and unique web-based experience to the horror fan, where you tap the screen to advance the conversation. We add new stories every week, and the plan is to build it up into the Netflix of creepy texting stories! With all types of horror represented, from survival to supernatural and more, I hope Don’t Turn Around will delight horror fans of all tastes.”

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