All The New Horror Rentals Available On VOD This Week

Video on demand is a fantastic medium for original horror films to have their voice heard. Here’s the newest choices to stream this week while you’re waiting for Halloween 2018 to finally grace the silver screen!

This week we’ve got the first streaming availability of a wide release Blumhouse property, horror appearances by both David Arquette and Val Kilmer and another entry into the horror punk realm. All from the comfort of your own home!

Malevolence 3: Killer (Available Now, $4.99 Amazon Prime)

The first Malevolence film was a complete surprise. I remember blind buying the DVD thinking I was probably wasting $7.99 and ending up stoked. I must have shown that film to four or five people over the years and I definitely recommend checking it out.

The first film featured a bank robbery gone sour, leading to a surprisingly suspenseful slasher film. While I haven’t had a chance to check out either sequel yet, it’s nice to see the property taking on a life of its own. Malevolence 3: Killer is available both on blu-ray and to rent on Amazon Prime.

Johnny Gruesome (October 16th)

Horror, punk and metal have always mixed in the most fantastic of ways and this one literally sounds like the title to a long lost Ramones track. There’s something about fighting the status quo that mixes so well with gore and revenge. This latest mashup is based on an award-winning novel by Gregory Lamberson who also directs and writes this story about a bullied teenager who returns from the grave. We’ve all been there. High School can be a real bitch. (Would have made a great tagline. Just saying.)

Unfriended: Dark Web (October 16th)

Blumhouse pulled off a huge surprise with this one. A gutsy choice to make a sequel with almost no direct ties to its predecessor; Dark Web is an easy-to-watch and mostly riveting from beginning to end. This makes for an excellent entry into an unfolding genre (Would you call it desktop horror?). Either way, it’s a film you won’t feel bad watching from your laptop. It’ll only add to the realism! Do it at work… damn the man!

High Voltage (October 19th)

It’s always great to see David Arquette dip back into horror. From the Scream series to Stephen King’s Riding The Bullet and most recently a fantastic turn in Bone Tomahawk; Arquette has always fit in well in this genre. High Voltage also features another underrated character actor in Luke Wilson. The story revolves around the lead singer of a band being struck by lighting, only to gain supernatural abilities. Yes, I also thought of Wes Craven’s Shocker.

The Super (October 19th)

Val Kilmer in a horror thriller, ladies and gentlemen! Of all the films listed here, this one looks the most promising for my money. It involves an ex-cop (Patrick John Flueger) taking over as the super of a building with a mysterious past. Meanwhile, Val Kilmer lurks in the basement. It’ll be fun to see Kilmer playing such an intense and creepy character. Plus, we all know he was the bomb in The Saint!

What are you watching this week? Giving any of these a chance or are you sticking to the classics for your Halloween month viewings? Let us know below!




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