Exclusive: Conrad Faraj Talks LEGEND OF GORE ORPHANAGE

We’ve been keeping tabs on filmmaker Conrad Faraj for a number of years, so we’re proud to announce that he will soon be starting work on his biggest and most ambitious project yet, Legend of Gore Orphanage. Faraj got in touch with us to describe the film in his own words, and you can read his statement below:

“I have partnered with a brand new production company named New Millennium Productions who will be producing their very first feature-length film “Legend of Gore Orphanage” and I have been hired to direct. The film is based around a very famous, and very scary “haunted” location in Cleveland, Ohio named Gore Orphanage. It is a sight rumored to have once been the home of an orphanage that burned down, and all the children burned with it. It is a legend based on local folklore, with many people having their own experiences and their own theories about what truly happened. Our film will follow a paranormal investigator from the Ohio special investigations unit, as she is called to solve a mysterious murder that happened on the grounds of Gore Orphanage.”

The plot will focus on a paranormal investigator who returns to her Ohio hometown to investigate a series of suspicious deaths which might somehow be connected to an urban legend. Writer and executive producer Travis Allen Bush, who is also the CEO of New Millennium Productions, additionally took the time to provide us with a statement about the ambitious project:

“I first went to Gore Orphanage in 1986 when I was 16. My friends and I would tell these crazy ghosts stories about the urban legend. We did an awesome job of scaring the crap out of our girlfriends! When I first stepped onto a set in 2011 (the film Alex Cross) my creative antenna went up, thus, Gore Orphanage was born. I began writing Gore in January of 2012. It originally started out as a short, but then I thought to myself, write the story man! Ironically, that was the same year I met Conrad Faraj on his first project and I instantly knew Conrad would be the one that would take this project to where it needed to be! Fast forward to 2018! Now we’re here and ready to roll!”

Legend of Gore Orphanage is set to being filming next month, with the confirmed cast including Rachel Anderson, Angela Cole, Cameron McKendry, KateLynn E. Newberry, Rob Jaeger, Brielle Brown, Jazz Securo, Chris McCail, Mary Kaktor, Tanya Randall, Travis Allen Bush, and Rick Montgomery Jr.

Written by David Gelmini

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