Exclusive: Lakeshore Records Releasing Christopher Young’s HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II Score on Vinyl

Attention horror record collectors, hearken unto me for some truly hellacious information! If you’ve been messing around with the Lament Configuration in the hopes that a remastered version of Christopher Young’s Hellbound: Hellraiser II score would get a vinyl release, then your prayers have just been answered!

We’re thrilled to exclusively announce that Lakeshore Records will be putting out a stunningly gorgeous edition of Young’s music in celebration of the film’s 30th anniversary. The initial pressing will be on red with black smoke “Bloodshed” vinyl and will include two tracks that have never been released on wax before. The cover will also be foil embossed because, and let’s face it, that’s just cool as hell…no pun intended.

The record will have an in-store date of October 12 this year, just in time for you to spin it for Halloween!

Side A
01. Hellbound / Second Sight Séance 7:29
02. Looking Through a Woman 5:30
03. Something to Think About 4:26
Side B
04.‘Skin Her Alive’ 1:47
05. Stringing the Puppet 4:56*
06. Hall of Mirrors 7:47
07. Dead or Living? 2:51
Side C
08. Leviathan 3:25
09. Sketch with Fire 2:56
10. Chemical Entertainment 6:36
Side D
11. Obscene Kiss 5:00*
12. Headless Wizard 5:33
13. What’s Your Pleasure? 3:11
*Previously unreleased on vinyl



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