Take “A Journey Into Iconic 80’s Horror” in Upcoming Doc IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS

We’ve seen some great horror documentaries in the past few years. In addition to To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story, which we recently released on our own Dread Central Presents label, recent nonfiction successes include The Nightmare, Demon House, Room 237, and Cropsey. But it’s been a while since we’ve seen a documentary about the horror genre as a whole.

Which is why we’re excited to bring you news about In Search of Darkness, a documentary subtitled “A Journey Into Iconic 80s Horror”! It’s currently in development at CreatorVC where Founder/Executive Producer Robin Block explains:

“What’s unique about our documentary is that we’re bringing together three distinct groups of contributors: 1980s horror icons, modern horror greats (think Blumhouse, Jason Wan, Ari Aster), and YouTubers, merchandisers, and social influencers in what will be the first retrospective documentary on the 1980s horror genre of its kind. We want to contextualize the era and identify the elements that made it so iconic.”

The (extensive) synopsis below makes it clear this is something horror aficionados won’t want to miss. We don’t have a release date, but you can keep up on the progress of In Search of Darkness on CreatorVC’s Official Website.

Hearts pounding, palms sweaty, muscles tense; that thrill of creeping dread was matched only by the satisfaction of knowing the person in the next seat was even more terrified. It showed us how to confront the times we live in through a skewed mirror – all sharp angles and razor edges; ideas and visions so sharp they could almost cut you, twisting our everyday fears and giving them a face. This was a time when greed was good and our bodies were no longer our friend. Cronenberg, Yuzna, Carpenter, Barker – all gave us the chance to see the horror within society and within ourselves.

Hysteria over AIDS transplanted body horror from the hospital onto our screens, while “Gordon Gecko” levels of excess and fears over rising violent crime met their match in increasingly over-the-top Slasher flicks. But this was a genre with more to offer than cheap scares, from Steven Miner’s comedy horror of House to the daunting practical effects of Wes Craven’s Serpent and the Rainbow one of the defining characteristics of 1980’s horror cinema was its sheer range and imagination when it came to examining our mortality.

For the first time, technology became the tool through which these ghouls could invade our homes, staring out at us from eye-popping covered tapes, ready to scare us again and again at the touch of a button. For many of us, this was our only option. The 1980’s saw many “video nasties” banned from our local rental stores – but that didn’t stop us sharing our bootleg copies, grainy 3rd generation bootlegs lost none of their ability to scare.

Gloved killers stared out at us from cool t-shirts, Fangoria reviews kept us hooked, and entire weekends were spent chasing our next scare through the dusty aisles of the local mom-and-pop VHS rental store – the 80’s gave us exactly what we craved. For us, horror ALWAYS ruled.

Join us as we descend once again to explore how an industry that grew from the minds of outsiders, punks, and rebellious teenagers to become a cultural leviathan that left the rest of society SCREAMING foul murder.

Are you a fan of 1980s era horror movies and/or horror documentaries? Are you excited to check out In Search of Darkness when it’s released? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!



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