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Bruce Superhero - Bruce Campbell Has ZERO Interest in Superhero Movies


Bruce Campbell Has ZERO Interest in Superhero Movies

Bruce Campbell 200x300 - Bruce Campbell Has ZERO Interest in Superhero MoviesEarlier this year, Bruce Campbell famously retired from the role of Ash Williams and The Evil Dead. But does that mean the Chin will be heading out – like most actors these days – and slipping into a super suit for some superhero shenanigans?

Not likely.

Big blockbuster movies, whenever I see an actor get cast in one of those, I wince, because I go, ‘Oh, that poor son of a bitch is going to be in that suit for ten years.’” Campbell told “If shooting schedule’s seven months of shooting, you get your one month in the Bahamas, and then you’re promoting for three months, then you go right back to the next sequel, back in that same fucking suit.'”

He continues: “You’re looking at tennis balls on sticks. So, that process is actually not for me, even though Ash vs. Evil Dead was all that. It was all marks on walls, tennis balls on sticks, the monster’s going to be here, noise over here, you know, that sort of stuff, it’s a different type of acting, and modern day actors are learning new technical skills that the old-timey actors didn’t have to learn. Acting with nothing. That’s what they’re doing now. Castle’s not even there. ‘Oh, we’re going to put a great castle behind you. It’s not there now, but it’s going to be amazing.’

And finally: “My only beef with superheroes is that they’re not flawed enough. Oh, Superman’s got Kryptonite. Well, what the hell’s Kryptonite? I don’t know what that means. Give me Ash; the guy could be, he’s a gas station attendant, you know? The guy’s Mr. Nobody.”

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