Exclusive JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER Issue #10 Variant Covers

We’ve got something a little different for you today as we’re venturing into the world of Riverdale and its inhabitants by bringing you three variant covers for the upcoming issue #10 of Archie Comics’ Jughead: The Hunger. Set in an alternate Archie universe, the titular character’s family are werewolves and Betty Cooper’s family has been hunting them down for generations, so clearly there’s a bit of strain going on here.

On top of bringing you the three covers, which were done by Matthew Dow Smith, Tracy Yardley, and Adam Gorham, we can also tell you that artist Joe Eisma, who has contributed over the past few issues, has been tapped to take over the series starting with issue #10!

Eisma explains, “I am so stoked to be taking over the full art duties on Jughead: The Hunger! And with the FrankenMoose arc, I can’t wait to cut loose on art! It has been such a thrill drawing this series, and what Frank and I have brewing as we go forward is going to take the book to its craziest places yet.”

Writer Frank Tieri adds, “Jughead: The Hunger has always been, at its heart, a classic movie monster book. And what’s more classic than ‘Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man’? In this issue we’ll learn how exactly FrankenMoose came to be, who is behind his creation, and what it all means to Jughead and the gang. Plus, Frankenstein monster jock vs werewolf hamburger eater. How can ya beat that?”

Who—or what—is behind the creation of FrankenMoose? Whatever it is, it may pose the greatest threat to Jughead Jones yet– and considering this is a guy who’s fought bloodthirsty werewolves and armed to the teeth werewolf hunters, that’s saying something!

Issue #10 was written by Tieri and features art from Eisma, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli. It will go on sale November 14.



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