On Farewells and New Beginnings

I remember the first time that Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton and I spoke before I came aboard Dread Central as its managing editor. It was in early February of 2017 and we discussed everything horror related for well over an hour. It was the first time we’d been on the phone and we quickly realized just how much we had in common. We loved the same films, enjoyed much of the same music, had similar backgrounds and life experiences… We were like two peas in a pod!

Over the past year and a half, Steve has taken all that I learned during my years at Bloody-Disgusting – all the knowledge and experience I gained there – and mentored me to who and what I am today. That journey now comes to fruition with a symbolic “passing of the torch” as I accept the mantle of Dread Central’s Editor-in-Chief.

When I came aboard Dread Central, I joined a writing staff that includes such luminaries as Sean Decker, Staci Layne Wilson, and Tony Timpone. I began working alongside our fantastic team of David Gelmini, Ted Hentschke, Anthony Arrigo, Travis Mullins, and so many more whose work has inspired so many over the years. I’ve also been proud to bring aboard writers like Josh Millican, Stephanie Crawford, Zena Dixon, Becky Sayers, Anya Stanley, Brennan Klein, Matt Donato, Rachel Beck, and Alejandra Gonzalez, among others, each of whom make me enormously proud of the work they contribute. And lastly, I want to give special acknowledgement to the wizard behind-the-scenes, Jon Condit. As President of Dread Central, Jon’s involvement is often unseen and unfelt but it is no less important. He and I have been working diligently together since I started and I’m excited to continue down this path with him by my side.

I hope the knowledge that Steve has faith in me to take on this role will give you that same feeling. This October will mark my 10 year anniversary of writing for the horror community and I fully intend to keep bringing you interesting, challenging, exciting pieces – from a diverse staff of writers – that will inspire the next generation of filmmakers, critics, reviewers, and more.

I and the rest of the Dread Central family thank Steve from the bottom of our hearts for everything he’s done and we recognize that this is not an ending, for he shall always remain an integral part of Dread Central as its co-owner.

So what now? Well, Dread Central’s motto has always been “By fans, for fans”. That credo isn’t going anywhere. All of us are, first and foremost, horror fans and we’re going to stay a part of our amazing community. We’re going to celebrate filmmakers. We’re going to champion movies. We’re going to keep on loving horror because that’s who we are. And I promise to keep that flame alive until the day I have to pass the torch on to someone else.

Thank you for sticking with Dread Central for all these years. The best is yet to come.

Jonathan Barkan
Dread Central