#SDCC18: Robert Kirkman Confirms What Caused THE WALKING DEAD’s Zombie Outbreak

Although the show has been on our screen since 2010 (and the comic has been around for even longer), the actual cause of the zombie outbreak in the world of The Walking Dead has been kept secret, leading to endless speculation and fan theories.

But we can finally but all those theories to rest, because the official cause of The Walking Dead’s zombie outbreak has finally been revealed. Speaking at the Fear the Walking Dead panel at the San Diego Comic-Con last month, producer Gale Ann Hurd was asked what caused the outbreak, to which she replied “The meth from Breaking Bad, for sure.” Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman then added “That’s canon, it’s confirmed!”

So, there you have it. It was the meth from Breaking Bad all along. And Kirkman himself confirmed it, so you definitely can’t argue. This also apparently confirms the long running speculation that Breaking Bad takes place in the same world as The Walking Dead. I can’t help but think that Walter White would be pleased to know that he caused the zombie apocalypse, so I imagine he’s smiling down from Heaven, or Hell, or wherever drug dealers go when they die.

Season nine of The Walking Dead will begin airing on AMC on October 7, whilst season five of Fear the Walking Dead will debut at a later date.

Written by David Gelmini

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