Snakes on a Server


As many of our readers may have noticed yesterday, our site was extremely hard to reach during peak hours. The reason? The “Digg Effect.”

The “Digg Effect” happens when links to your website and sends so much traffic there at once that the server can no longer handle serving page requests. Nomad’s Snakes on a Plane review was picked up by, and the resultant flood of traffic from their site caused our server to slow down considerably. That one review was hit over 20,000 times within several hours and is still climbing, currently at #3 on our “most read” list after only having been up since Wednesday night. You guys really enjoy your snake movies!

Having your site crashed by sites like Digg or Slashdot is somewhat of an honor among webmasters. While I hate to see our site go down for any reason, this was a different matter all together! So thanks for making my day!

Jon “Valuerocker” Condit

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