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FrightFest 2018: Exclusive BLACK SITE Trailer Mixes Carpenter and Lovecraft With Martial Arts



If you’ve ever been to a film festival before, you know that a lot of the hustle and bustle occurs in the first half. However, the second half is still packed with fantastic entries, events, and experiences (alliteration achievement unlocked) and London’s Arrow Video FrightFest 2018 is aiming to prove that by closing the Prince Charles Cinema on Monday the 27 with Tom Paton’s Black Site, a movie that mixes Lovecraftian lore with martial arts action in an aesthetic and style that will make John Carpenter fans feel right at home! Packed with cosmic terror and bone-jarring action, this is one movie you will not want to miss!

To give you a glimpse of what’s to come, we’ve scored an exclusive trailer premiere for Black Site, which will take you into the world of Artemis, introduce you to Erebus, and set the stage for a battle that has devastating implications.

A young woman is forced to push past her worst fears and battle to deport an ancient entity back to where it came from. Set inside an underground military base known as The Artemis Black Site, the movie mixes an Escape From New York style survival story with Lovecraftian elements and large scale mythology building.

Written and Directed by Tom Paton, produced by Airpick Pictures & Alvin Adams, and shot by George Burt, Black Site stars Samantha Schnitzler, Mike Beckingham, Bentley Kalu, and Kris Johnson as “Erebus”.

FrightFest takes place at Cineworld Leicester Square and The Prince Charles Cinema between Aug 23-Aug 27. Festival passes will go on sale Saturday, June 30 at noon UK time and will only be available to buy online. Single tickets will go on sale on Saturday, July 21 from 9am UK time. More information can be found at the festival’s official website.




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