What If SCREAM’s Ghostface Called You?


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Ghost Face gave YOU a call? Now you’ll be able to find out because voiceover artist Roger Jackson – the voice of Ghost Face in all four Scream films – has agreed to call fans and talk to them just like he does in the movies.

Talk about the ultimate Scream souvenir. When you hear Ghost Face mention your name, you’ll know first-hand what Sidney goes through when she answers the phone.

This all part of the Scream Comes Home event Kickstarter we told you guys about last week. It’s an awesome event so give it – and the corresponding exclusive interview we conducted with the creators – a look-see and then let us know what you think!

Full details via the Kickstarter below!

Please note the following: After you pledge, please email your phone number to us through the Kickstarter campaign message center and we will respond with a confirmation that your phone number has been received. By pledging, you agree to be harassed via phone by Roger Jackson for purposes of entertainment only, which may or may not include profanity and/or threatening language. The phone call will be made completely at Roger’s leisure anytime during the month of October, day or night, without advance notice. Day/time of call cannot be requested or reserved. The call will be made to your number only once: if it goes to voicemail then you will receive a voicemail from Ghost Face; if you answer then you will have a live, brief discussion with Ghost Face. The phone call will be up to one minute in length, with Roger extending the time only at his sole discretion.

HOW TO MAKE THIS PLEDGE: Kickstarter does not allow a single person to pledge at multiple levels. So if you have already pledged to the campaign and wish to add this item, go into your account and increase your pledge by $125, and then just send us a message via Kickstarter saying you added this amount for the CALL ME, GHOST FACE ADD-ON, and we will update our records to make sure you are called by Ghost Face!

Visit the Official website HERE and the Kickstarter HERE.



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