Exclusive: Friday the 13th’s Adrienne King Talks Crystal Lake Wines and More!

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Dread chatted today with Friday the 13th and its sequel star Adrienne King, who following her beheading of the infamous Mrs. Voorhees in the seminal 1980 slasher flick is now once again spilling the red stuff, this time with her Crystal Lake Wine label, the debut of her new ‘2005 Survivor’s Syrah’ and the product tie-in short films Back to the Lake and its brand-new eight-minute sequel Back to the Lake Part II. Read on for a look.

Written, edited and shot by Curtis Pew, Back to the Lake Part II stars Dallas Bobbitt as ‘Tommy Hardy,’ a wine enthusiast beleaguered by Jason Voorhees, and was shot at the original filming location of Friday the 13th’s ‘Camp Crystal Lake’ in Blairtown, New Jersey, with an appearance by King herself.

I can’t give away the secrets involving how my filmmakers actually got onto the original campsite to shoot our bloody brilliant little film,” said actress and now-vintner King, who currently resides in Oregon, “and t it seemed like the perfect and only choice to introduce everyone to our Crystal Lake Wines! No other Friday the 13th sequel or vignette has ever revisited that same original location. Ours was the first!

As for the genesis of the short films, “Back in 2006 I met Dallas and Curtis at one of my first horror conventions,” said King, who paired with Valley View Winery in Rogue Valley, Oregon in order to co-produce her varietals. “We kept in contact over the years, sharing stories of each other’s adventures and of course sharing my up and coming wine venture. Well, they called me last August to order wine for their annual Halloween party, and to share with me an idea they had for an advertising campaign. Curtis said, ‘Let me send you over a script; see what you think and we will go from there.’ It was such a terrific idea!

The script takes place on the Saturday morning after the infamous massacre (when my character of) Alice was in her hospital bed waking up from what seemed to have been a horrible dream,” said King, “and the commercial takes you back to the lake where an unknowing and wandering camp counselor seems to have stumbled upon a nightmare of his own.

Product placement aside, King said of her Crystal Lake Wines (which also include a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2008 Chardonnay), “They are a far scream from a novelty. We are so proud of the recognition we have been receiving. Even just recently our Survivor’s Syrah was chosen by the Oregonian and hailed by the critics as one of their spring sleeper wines, which is an amazing honor.

For wine aficionados and horror fans alike, King’s Survivor’s Syrah is affordably priced at $24 a bottle (with free shipping), and can be ordered either via the official Crystal Lake Wines website or over the phone at 1-800-781-9463, where King often takes order herself.

I do love hearing from the fans,” states the actress.

In addition to her wine business, King’s creativity has branched off into painting as well (have a look at her darkly-themed art at her website here), and as for her acting career, she can be seen this coming December 6th in her first on-camera role since Friday the 13th Part 2, when Lionsgate releases to DVD director Mel House’s Psychic Experience, in which she stars along side genre vets Reggie Bannister and Debbie Rochon.

aking - Exclusive: Friday the 13th's Adrienne King Talks Crystal Lake Wines and More!

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