American Horror Story Crossover - AHS Season 8 Officially Coven/Murder House Crossover!

AHS Season 8 Officially Coven/Murder House Crossover!

American Horror Story Murder House 200x300 - AHS Season 8 Officially Coven/Murder House Crossover!Just the other day we let you guys know that Season 8 of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story is going to be unlike any season beforehand.

And today we know why… wait for it… AHS 8 is going to be the long-rumored crossover season!

Yes, Murphy took to Twitter to let us all know that Season 8 will finally be the Murder House/Coven crossover he’s been teasing for what feels like forever now.

Murphy writes, “The Coven/Murder House AHS crossover season won’t be happening next year…because it’s happening THIS YEAR. AHS #8 WITCHES RULE THIS SEPTEMBER

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Murder House: Centered on the Harmon family – Dr. Ben Harmon, Vivien, and their daughter, Violet – who move from Boston to Los Angeles after Vivien has a miscarriage and Ben has an affair. They move into a restored mansion, unaware that the house is haunted by the ghosts of its former residents and their victims.

Coven: Took place in 2013, in New Orleans, and follows a Coven of Salem witches as they fight for survival.

How will these two storylines crossover? We’ll find out later this year on FX!