E3 2018: GEARS OF WAR 5 and Two Spin-offs Announced

Gears of War is undoubtedly Microsoft’s second biggest gaming franchise after Halo, so it was great to see it getting some love at E3 with the announcement of not just of Gears of War 5, but also two spin-off titles.

Firstly, Gears of War 5. The footage from the press conference shows longtime series protagonist Marcus Fenix teaming up with squad member Kait Diaz to investigate a series of bizarre premonitions she claims to have been having. Although the first three minutes or so were basically just one long cutscene, we were treated to some gameplay towards the end, showing that both Fenix and Diaz will be playable. As Gears of War is known for showering players with mountains of gore, you probably won’t be too surprised to see enemy body parts flying in every direction. The dark and sombre tone of the footage also gives the impression that we’re in for an adventure filled with both action and horror.


Then there’s Gears Tactics, which will be a turn-based strategy game set in the Gears of War universe. It will include a character-driven story complete with boss battles, and will be filled with the gore that has been a staple of the franchise since day one.

Lastly, and I swear to God I am not making this up, there’s Gears Pop, a Funko Pop! based spinoff. Watch the trailer below if you don’t believe me. Whether or it will have any gore or if it will be aiming for a younger audience remains to be seen.

As you can probably guess, Gears Pop will be a mobile spinoff heading to the App Store and Google Play, although I’d be surprised if it doesn’t also show up on Xbox One.

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