Exclusive: Things Aren’t What They Seem in the Short Film INTO THE MUD

Sometimes the best and most memorable movies of a year come from short films. Tightly constructed, these films have to create everything necessary for a feature-length in a drastically reduced timeframe, including creating a believable world, developing characters, crafting an engaging story, and bringing it all together in a cohesive final product. Not easy, by any stretch of the imagination, a short film that works is truly an exceptional find. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you the online exclusive premiere of the Spanish short Into the Mud.

Definitely NSFW due to nudity and violence, Into the Mud may seem like it starts off as a way to ogle a naked woman. However, as the story unfolds, we see that this seemingly helpless person is anything but and that the terror she endures will be revisited back upon her aggressor tenfold.

The short has played in festivals such as Sitges, International Film Festival of Transylvania, Screamfest, and more. It has won 13 awards during its festival run.

A wounded girl wake up naked in the woods. Dazed and in pain, her only companion is a hunter with not very good intentions. Since then, survive will become her top priority.

Starring María Forqué as “The Girl” and Ramón G. Del Pomar as “The Redneck”, Into the Mud was written and directed by Pablo S. Pastor with cinematography by Víctor J. Alvarado and music by Roly Witherow.



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