myfavoritehorrormoviebanner1200x627 - Book MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIE Available for Pre-Order

Book MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIE Available for Pre-Order

MFHM Cover1PS 200x300 - Book MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIE Available for Pre-Order

“An altogether engrossing compendium detailing the impact of art upon artists, My Favorite Horror Movie is a terrifying must read,” states Child’s Play and Fright Night filmmaker Tom Holland’s quote on the book My Favorite Horror Movie, releasing May 22, 2018 from Black Vortex Cinema. Read on for details, and for our exclusive chat with the book’s editor, filmmaker Christian Ackerman.

Produced and edited by Ackerman (whose written and directed short films Hell’s Belles and The Summoners have been championed in the past by Dread Central), with a cover by Los Angeles artist and painter Josh McKevitt, My Favorite Horror Movie is a collection of 48 essays by horror creators on the films that have changed their lives, and intends to serve (according to the press release) as “a celebration of how the singular viewing of a horror film can inspire someone to find their identity and develop an obsession for the dark arts.”

Featuring legends of horror and some of the most prolific voices in the genre, including Fangoria’s Tony Timpone and Michael Gingold, filmmakers Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination) and Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red) and actress Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever) and forty-three more, the book looks to be an intimate glimpse into the development of these contributor’s own art within the genre.

“I’m a filmmaker by trade, but making this book has been one of the most creatively fulfilling experiences of my life,” Ackerman told us. “As an obsessed fan of all things horror, I wanted to create something that celebrated the spark of what made me who I am. I hoped my friends and colleagues would join me on this journey, and they came through beyond my wildest dreams!”

Of the creative process, “It took about a year,” Ackerman offered. ”All of the contributors lead massively busy lives, so it took a while to get all of their essays in – of which, I really didn’t want a review of their favorite film. I was really only interested in what that one movie – their favorite horror film – did to them when they saw it; how it changed the way they interpreted art, how it shaped their lives, and how it made them who they are. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that one Dream Warriors viewing when I was eleven. Really, I would have never become a filmmaker. And I thought that it might be the same for many of the book’s contributors and their own favorite horror film.”

My Favorite Horror Movie is currently available for pre-order in eBook form via Amazon and signed print editions can be pre-ordered from Burbank, California’s horror store Dark Delicacies which will be hosting an in-store signing of the book on June 2nd at 4pm.

For more info, check the book out at its official site, ‘Like’ it on Facebook, and follow on Instagram and on Twitter.