Dread Central Presents: Announcing SLAY BELLES and LASSO!

Fresh out of Cannes and with thanks to THR, we’re extremely excited to bring you news of two new Dread Central Presents titles: Slay Belles and Lasso!

Directed by “Spooky” Dan Walker and produced by Darren Lynn Bousman (11-11-11, Tales of Halloween, Saw II), Slay Belles is a horror-comedy that stars Kristina Klebe (Hellboy, Halloween), Susan Slaughter (Ouija House), and The Rocky Horror Picture Show‘s Barry Bostwick!

Walker explains, “When we set out to make a fun horror comedy, we always knew that we wanted it to be a girl powered film with Krampus and Santa Claus as you have never seen them before… Dread Central Presents understanding of the audience is something that cannot be understated, and that is precisely why they are the perfect partner for a film aimed directly at bad ass female horror fans!

Slay Belles

For those who want something a bit more serious, allow me to introduce you to Lasso, a Western-style slasher directed by Evan Cecil (Wives With Knives) that won Best Thriller Feature at the 2017 Atlanta Horror Film Festival! The film ventures into a small-town rodeo festival where a group of tourists find themselves in a center of a deadly ritual, fighting to survive being hunted by bloodthirsty cowboys. The film stars Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints, Saw 3D) and Lindsey Morgan (General Hospital, The 100).

Lasso, “…centers on Kit (Lindsey Morgan) and Simon (Andrew Jacobs), two young leaders of an Active Senior Tour group, out on an adventure to a small-town Rodeo festival located deep in the woods. It’s a great experience for the group…until they try to leave. Simon and Kit must save themselves, and whatever seniors they can, from becoming victims of a deadly Rodeo Ritual. Along the way they join up with another unexpected group of victims, including a one-armed cowboy, Ennis (Sean Patrick Flanery), Rosheen, the Rodeo queen, and Trish, a powerhouse female bull rider. Together the group must fight to survive the night from relentless bloodthirsty cowboys on the hunt for human livestock.

We’re obviously incredibly excited to add these films to our roster alongside titles such as The Lodgers, Terrifier, Director’s Cut, Imitation Girl, and more. We’ll keep you up-to-date on release plans for both titles.




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