6-HEADED SHARK ATTACK and MEGALODON Details Surface from The Asylum

5headedsharkattackbanner1200x627 750x422 - 6-HEADED SHARK ATTACK and MEGALODON Details Surface from The Asylum

6 HEADEDSHARKATTACK 211x300 - 6-HEADED SHARK ATTACK and MEGALODON Details Surface from The Asylum

Summer is approaching rapidly and with it shark season; more importantly, shark movie season. With The Meg poised to be one the summer’s blockbusters on the big screen and Sharknado coming to an end on the small screen, expect this to be an unusually active shark movie season.

And nobody does shark movies quite like The Asylum; am I right?

While whatever they have cooked up for the sixth and final Sharknado remains under wraps at the moment details are beginning to surface for a pair of shark flicks the madmen and madwomen at The Asylum have coming this August, presumably to debut as part of Syfy’s annual (and seemingly last) “Sharknado Week”.

If you loved 2-Headed Shark Attack, 3-Headed Shark Attack, and 5-Headed Shark Attack then you’ll be thrilled to learn that the ocean’s ultimate mutant eating machine is coming back for more with an extra head to boot. Of course it’s 6-Headed Shark Attack!

What is supposed to be a marriage boot camp on a remote island turns into the ultimate test for survival when a 6-headed shark starts attacking the beach. Trapped with minimal weapons they try to fight off the shark, but quickly discover that no one is safe in the water or on land.

Huh? How are they not safe on land? Please tell me the shark has evolved like a Graboid and one of its heads can break off as its own land-dwelling predator? Better yet, make it 666-Shark Attack about a six-headed demon shark eating unwilling sacrifices in the Devil’s Triangle. Oh, well. There’s always next year.

Planet of the Sharks helmer Mark Atkins directs the fourth installment in this unlikely franchise starring Brandon Auret and Cord Newman.

Say what you will about the actual movies, nobody can deny The Asylum are not masters of the promo art. This artwork is money. On the other hand “Don’t Mix with the Six” might be one of the worst attempts at a tagline pun in ages.

August 28th is the scheduled release date for this shark with six heads.

MEGALODON 212x300 - 6-HEADED SHARK ATTACK and MEGALODON Details Surface from The Asylum

How ironic is it that Steve Alten’s novel Meg served as the inspiration for much of what has become of the b-movie shark subgenre since the early 2000s and now with the novel finally making it to the big screen The Asylum are producing a mockbuster of that movie based on the book that many shark filmmakers have been mockbustering for nearly 20 years? Try reciting that sentence in one mouthful.

Move over, The Meg. Here comes Megalodon!

A military vessel on the search for an unidentified submersible finds themselves face to face with a giant shark, forced to use only what they have on board to defend themselves from the monstrous beast.

Who needs Jason Statham when we have Michael Madsen?

Madsen stars alongside Dominic Pace, Caroline Harris, and Scott Roe in this feeding frenzy from director James Thomas due August 31st.

Both 6-Headed Shark Attack and Megalodon were written by Koichi Petetsky.

Speaking of people with sharks on the brain; in what I can only offer as conclusive proof that I have watched entirely too many low budget shark movies in my waste of a life, that plot synopsis for Megalodon sounds awfully similar to that of a mostly forgotten 2001 Antonio Sabato Jr. DTV flick entitled Shark Hunter, which, if nothing else, can lay claim to being one of the very first b-movies produced in the Megalodon boom spawned by Alten’s best-selling book.

Yep. I’ve definitely watched too many damn shark movies.



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