Exclusive: Evil Bong 777 Poster Lays Waste to Las Vegas

Full Moon is gearing up to celebrate April 20 (4/20) in the most horrific of ways with the release of Evil Bong 777! Taking Eebee, Faux Batty, Rabbit, Misty, and The Gingerweed Man to Sin City itself, Las Vegas, the film includes, “…kooky practical special effects, puppet sex, psychotronic comedy and enough smoke to choke a million baked chickens.

Today, we’re excited to bring you the exclusive reveal of the film’s new poster done by Ryan Brookhart, which suggests that Las Vegas will definitely get high…blown sky high, I mean! If you’re not gambling with your money, this movie will make sure you’re gambling with your life! Enough Las Vegas-based puns for you? Alright, that’s fine. I already cashed in all my chips. HA!

Evil Bong 777 will be coming out through their Amazon channel as well as Full Moon Direct.

Directed by Charles Band and written by Kent Roudebush, Evil Bong 777 stars Sonny Carl Davis, Robin Sydney, Jessica Morris, and Mindy Robinson.



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