Exclusive: Deep Blue Sea 2 Clip Is Glad You’re Here

DeepBlueSea2 BDCombo 2D 236x300 - Exclusive: Deep Blue Sea 2 Clip Is Glad You're Here

Next Tuesday sees the home video release of Deep Blue Sea 2, the sequel to the 1999 Renny Harlin-directed aquatic horror film that starred Thomas Jane, Samuel L. Jackson, and LL Cool J. In the original, a group of scientists think they may have found a treatment for Alzheimer’s in the brains of sharks. However, when the sharks break free, the experiments that the scientists ran have given these water-based terrors enhanced mental capabilities and no one is safe.

In the sequel, a similar premise is set in motion and the results are equally catastrophic. When will movie scientists learn not to mess with Mother Nature?

Shark conservationist Dr. Misty Calhoun (Danielle Savre) is invited to consult on a new, top secret project run by pharmaceutical billionaire Carl Durant (Michael Beach). She believes the project, performed at a remote, sea-based facility, focuses on extracting shark antibodies to help work toward cures for human diseases. However, Dr. Calhoun is shocked to learn that the company is using unpredictable bull sharks as its test subjects, and Durant has bio-engineered a shiver of highly intelligent, super-aggressive bull sharks. When science meddles with the time-tested process of nature and nurture, the outcome can be deadly.

To give you a chomping taste of what’s to come, we’ve got an exclusive clip as well as several stills from the film.

Deep Blue Sea 2 was directed by Darin Scott and stars Michael Beach, Danielle Savre, Nathan Lynn, and Rob Mayes.

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