Exclusive: Run Like Hell From Mon Mon Mon Monsters!

Today sees the release of Giddens Ko’s Mon Mon Mon Monsters exclusively on Shudder. The film follows a bullied kid who gets pulled into the circle of his bullies after they capture a monster. As the relationship between the kids and the monster gets deeper and more violent, the young man must recognize who he is becoming and what he has to do in order to face his own demons.

To celebrate today’s release, we’ve got an exclusive clip from the film where the boys first encounter the monster and her sister. Mixing humor with terror, it’s a deftly crafted scene that is sure to get your blood pumping!

A bullied boy and his tormentors discover a creature while doing school-mandated community service. Claiming her for their own, the group of kids keep the creature captive, revealing the monster within themselves as her ferocious sister scours the city in search of her missing sibling.

Written and directed by Giddens Ko, Mon Mon Mon Monsters stars Yu-Kai Teng, Kent Tsai, Eugenie Liu, and Carolyn Chen.



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