Travel Channel Moves The Dead Files to Sunday Nights; Here’s What’s Coming!

As if we don’t already have enough to watch on Sunday nights, beginning this weekend (on Easter Sunday/April Fools’ Day), Travel Channel’s popular series “The Dead Files” will be joining the fray. And we have the synopses of the next five episodes of the show to share.

On “The Dead Files” physical medium Amy Allan and retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi combine their unique skills to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America.

Each investigator’s findings remain hidden from the other – and from the property’s occupants – until the shocking results are revealed in the show’s riveting conclusion.

Here’s a look at what’s coming down the pike in April:

“Evil Descends – Murrieta, California” – Premieres Sunday, April 1, at 8pm ET/PT
Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan travel to a home in Murrieta, California, where a mother worries that her husband’s dealings in witchcraft have led to the paranormal activity that’s tearing her family apart.

“Inviting Evil – Berthoud, Colorado” – Premieres Sunday, April 8, at 8pm ET/PT
A terrified woman calls on Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan to investigate claims of vicious paranormal activity at her Berthoud, Colorado, home. During her after-hours walk on the property, Allan encounters a demon set on tormenting the living and a malevolent shadow person.

“Innocence Lost – Elkview, West Virginia” – Premieres Sunday, April 15, at 8pm ET/PT
Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan travel to West Virginia to meet a terrified mother who fears the paranormal activity tormenting her family was brought on by the birth of her youngest son. The investigation leads to the discovery of a vortex where entities come and go.

“Dark Thoughts – Waterford, Connecticut” – Premieres Sunday, April 22, at 8pm ET/PT
Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan travel to Waterford, Connecticut, to investigate a recently separated mother’s claims that the paranormal is attacking her and her children. Allan discovers that the key to what’s haunting the living may not necessarily reside with the dead.

“Easy Prey – Grant Township, Michigan” – Premieres Sunday, April 29, at 8pm ET/PT
Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan travel to Grant Township, Michigan, where a desperate couple claims paranormal activity is trying to kill them. During the disturbing investigation, Allan encounters a malicious dead man and an entity capable of physically harming the living.

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