Shout Factory Buys Roger Corman’s Entire Film Library! Plans to Remake/Reboot Movies Like Slumber Party Massacre and Piranha

Nice! It looks like Shout Factory has snagged up the rights to Roger Corman’s entire New Horizons Picture library encompassing 270 Roger Corman films. The deal was made by Shout! Factory and China-based Ace Film HK Company Limited (ACE) who bought the massive library of content from Roger and Julie Corman for an undisclosed sum.

We’ve been huge fans of the Cormans. Their great ingenuity and independent spirit have inspired us throughout our careers. We’ve loved working with them over the last 8 years and are thrilled to now be the custodians of these beloved films, making sure that film buffs and fans everywhere discover them like we did,” stated Shout! Factory’s founders in a joint statement.

This deal grants the two companies rights to new content development, remakes, merchandise licensing programs, digital media initiatives, and content syndication (streaming, TV, EST, and VOD) to domestic and international territories in what is being referred to as “a long-term growth strategy.”

We have been fortunate to be professionally and personally associated with Roger and Julie for the past decade and the purchase of their film library means our relationships will not only continue but accelerate,” said Henry Luk, CEO of ACE.

Select film properties will be remade, developed, produced, and distributed either by Shout’s filmed entertainment production and distribution arm, Shout! Studios or ACE and its various strategic partners in Asia.

During the past decade our personal and professional relationships with Shout! Factory’s Bob Emmer, Richard and Garson Foos, and Ace Film’s Henry Luk and Adam Yuchen Ren have shown us that their independent, entrepreneurial spirit, respect for our work and creative methods of distribution and production make them especially well-suited to carry on with the New Horizons film library,” stated Roger and Julie Corman.

Iconic properties include Rock‘N’Roll High School, Battle Beyond the Stars, Piranha, Galaxy of Terror, Bloodfist, Black Scorpion, Eat My Dust!, Humanoids from the Deep, Slumber Party Massacre, and Forbidden World.

We’ll make sure to keep you guys up to date on this deal so keep an eye out over the coming months as so killer news will no doubt be hitting us soon.

What do you make of this historic deal? Let us know below!



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