Exclusive: Apartment 212 Clip Gets Rather Bitey

Gravitas Ventures is gearing up to release their upcoming supernatural horror film Apartment 212, in which a young woman, who has just moved to a big city, suffers from a strange situation in which she finds herself being slowly eaten in her sleep. To give you a taste (HA!) of the film, we’ve got an exclusive clip in which Jennifer, our protagonist, goes to the doctor to see what exactly is going on only to hear that her strange wounds appear to be the result of something gnawing on her.

Directed by Haylar Garcia, who co-wrote the film with Jim Brennan and Kathryn Gould, Apartment 212 stars Penelope Mitchell, Sally Kirkland, Chris Johnson, and Kyle Gass.

Jennifer Conrad is a small-town girl starting over in the big city. Fleeing an abusive relationship, all she wants is a chance to begin again. But it is hard to start over when something is eating you while you sleep…one painful bite at a time.

The film comes out in theaters as well as On Demand and Digital platforms on March 16.



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