Ron Bonk’s House Shark Gets Suitably Silly New Trailer and Poster

“Jaws in a house!”

Just when you thought it was safe to go home, a new trailer for House Shark just swam up, along with new artwork for the wide release, coming late this Summer.

You can check out the poster to the right and the new trailer below, and then let us know what you think!

The film is currently up for limited edition presales on Indiegogo, which is the only place to get the signed editions and bundles that include full-size one-sheet posters, mini one-sheets, enamel pins, patches, stickers and more.

Among the perks to choose from, there’s Blurays, DVDs, VHS, as well as rare, one-of-a-kind props from the movie, a Skype session with the director, and even a chance to come on as a Producer.

The Indiegogo campaign ends on March 4th! Check it out HERE.

House Shark is written and directed by Ron Bonk (She Kills, Clay) and produced by Howard Gromero (Ms Cannibal Holocaust), Jonathan Straiton (Night of Something Strange) and Tim Ritter (Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness). The score was composed by Emmett Van Slyke (She Kills) with special effects by Marcus Koch (100 Tears, American Guinea Pig series).


You’re gonna need a bigger house! When Frank (Trey Harrison) finds his happy home under attack by a dangerous but largely unknown breed of shark, he’s enlists the aid of the world’s only “House Shark” Expert, Zachary (Michael Merchant), and a grizzled former real estate agent, Abraham (Wes Reid), to embark on a desperate quest to destroy the beast and claim back his life. It’s JAWS in a house!



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