Amazon Orders Second Season of Horror Anthology Lore

By Mike Sprague

lore poster 200x300 - Amazon Orders Second Season of Horror Anthology LoreI didn’t get a chance to check out Amazon’s horror anthology series Lore just yet, but it is on my must-watch list. I guess the first season was solid enough (good to know) that Amazon has just renewed the series for a second season!

The news comes to us from THR, who also snagged some choice quotes from the people behind the scenes on their decision to give “Lore” the Season 2 it (evidently) deserves. “Lore” will begin production on its second season in April with Sean Crouch (“The Exorcist”) as its new showrunner.

The series is executive produced by Ben Silverman (“The Office”), Howard T. Owens (“The Biggest Loser”), Gale Anne Hurd (“The Walking Dead”), Brett-Patrick Jenkins (“Face Off”), Glen Morgan (“The X-Files”), and Jon Halperin and Mark Mannucci (“A Year in Space”).

Customers loved the first season of ‘Lore’ for its unique blend of narrative and documentary storytelling, and we’re excited to give them another season of this suspenseful hybrid series,” said Heather Schuster, head of unscripted at Amazon Originals. “Sean brings great experience in the supernatural genre, and we’re excited for him to help us tell even more frightening and visually captivating stories.

Said Silverman and Owens: “With Sean Crouch at the helm, ‘Lore’ is set to be scarier than ever. In Season 2, we will explore global, real-life horror stories that make this series unlike anything else on television. We are thrilled to be back on Prime Video.”

As a fan of documentaries and horror, ‘Lore’ resonates with me on so many levels. Season 2 is shaping up to be scarier and even more compelling and unnerving than our first one!” said Hurd, with Jenkins adding: “From monsters to the macabre, Season 2 is not only the stuff of nightmares… it’s real.”

Right on! So what did you think of the first season of Amazon’s horror anthology series “Lore”? Let us know below!

The first season featured Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day), Kristin Bauer van Straten (“True Blood”), Adam Goldberg (“Fargo”), Holland Roden (“Teen Wolf”), Colm Feore (“House of Cards”), and Campbell Scott (The Amazing Spider-Man).

Watch Season 1 RIGHT HERE.

“Lore” combines documentary footage, narration, historical mixed media, and cinematic scenes to bring to life terrifying, but true stories. Celebrating the origins of the horror genre, “Lore” explores the real-life tales behind pop culture’s most legendary horror myths, such as vampires, changelings, werewolves, séances, and possessed dolls.