New Short Rips Out Your Filthy Heart

your filthy heart featured image 750x422 - New Short Rips Out Your Filthy Heart

Director Evan Dickson has posted his terrifying short film Your Filthy Heart online for public consumption, so if you fancy taking eight minutes out of your stressful day and being scared out of your mind, give it a watch down below.

Filmed in Santa Ana, California, Your Filthy Heart is described as being a film about “a mysterious box [that] unleashes a force that causes its victims to be hunted down by their worst regrets.” In this case, the worst regret in question happens to be an incident in which a woman who had a little too much to drink sends a text to the wife of the man she happened to be dating, which might just prove to be a fatal mistake.

Your Filthy Heart stars David Bruckner, Alex Essoe, Jennifer Kretchmer, Zoe Cooper, and Eliza Noland. From this point on, we’ll be watching Dickson’s career with great interest.