Exclusive: Let’s Rock Dead Shack With This Clip AND Song Premiere!

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dead shack 203x300 - Exclusive: Let's Rock Dead Shack With This Clip AND Song Premiere!

Funny story time: I was approached earlier this week by Lakeshore Records to do a song premiere from the soundtrack of the Peter Ricq-directed Dead Shack, which premieres today over on Shudder. Without hesitation, I agreed and we began planning everything. Then, not 30 minutes later, I got a different email from the Shudder folk themselves who asked if I wanted to premiere a clip from the film! Double exclusive time! So let’s rock this out, shall we?

There are three videos below, the first of which is the track “Lisa Undead”. Pulsating with Carpenter-esque lows and an almost sensual aesthetic, the song is clearly a build-up to something intensely physical and potentially violent. Taking its time, the song makes the best of its 3+ minute length, filling every moment with just the right amount of intensity.

Ricq not only directed the film, he is also 1/2 of HUMANS, the duo that composed it! Here’s what he had to say about this track:
‘Lisa Undead’ is a basically the first real scene in Dead Shack where the kids get their hands dirty, they are in a real battle. I wanted to get the sense of a dangerous/adventurous melody that starts off more tame and gets deeper and bigger as the action grows and gets more violent. I achieved this by keeping more organic instruments in it’s first part and using Dougal’s (guitarist and violinist) strings and damping them real wet with lots of reverb. It gave it a real Carpenter feel which I liked. I then kept all the electronic elements in the second part so you can feel the bass scare you from the inside, hopefully to a point similar to the characters on screen.

Lakeshore Records will release both a Dead Shack soundtrack album AND a Dead Shack EP tomorrow. Each is composed by HUMANS. You’ll find them both on Lakeshore’s Bandcamp page.

The next video is a clip from the film, which shows Summer (Lizzie Boys) and Jason (Matthew Nelson-Mahood) trying to figure out if a damp, dank cellar is the best place to put…someone. As they discuss the location, a nearby closet door begins to rattle, as though something is inside and trying to get out. Summer and Jason arm themselves, go to the closet, and…I’m not telling you. You’ll have to watch it for yourself if you want to see what happens!

As for the third video? That’s the trailer. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a badass trailer to give you a better idea of what’s in store for you if you watch it on Shudder!

While staying at a run-down cabin in the woods during the weekend, three children must save their parents from the neighbor who intends to feed them to her undead family.

Directed by Peter Ricq, Dead Shack stars stars Lauren Holly, Valerie Tian, Donavon Stinson, Lizzie Boys, Matthew Nelson-Mahood, and June B. Wilde.



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