Exclusive: Aaron Vehling Dives Into the Synth World of Videoman

Laughter and thrills often go hand-in-hand in the most delightful of ways. Think Evil Dead II, Tucker & Dale vs Evil, and similar titles. Now it looks like we can add the Swedish film Videoman (originally titled Videomannen) to that list. The film follows a man who finds that a tape in his VHS collection is worth a lot of money, possibly saving him from eviction, only for it to be stolen, sending him on a darkly funny journey to retrieve it. Along the way, he meets a woman with her own set of problems and an unlikely romance begins as the two try to get their life in order. While that may not seem like something we’d cover, just watch the trailer below and you’ll see why we’re very intrigued!

In anticipation of the film, we’ve got a fun exclusive podcast from synth historian Aaron Vehling, who wrote a magnificent piece for us a few months back, where he interviews composers Waveshaper and Robert Parker as well as the writer/director of the film, Kristian Söderström. You can listen to that podcast below!

You can also buy the Videoman soundtrack, which is out now, through Bandcamp

A VHS collector with a drinking problem finds a valuable movie that could save him from eviction. When the movie gets stolen he starts a desperate hunt for a perpetrator. An alcoholic woman obsessed with the 80s is a victim of work place bullying and struggles to develop a relationship with her grown up daughter. These outsiders joined by nostalgia and broken dreams starts a romance and make each other self aware, a step in the right direction when trying to solve their respective problems.

Videoman stars Stefan Sauk, Lena Nilsson, Morgan Alling, Martin Wallström, Sven Wollter, Helena Jansson, Amanda Ooms, and Carolin Stoltz.



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