Irish Horror Beyond the Woods Carving a Path to DVD and VOD

beyond the woods 3 200x300 - Irish Horror Beyond the Woods Carving a Path to DVD and VOD

Our friends over in Ireland will soon be bringing us a new supernatural chiller in the form of Beyond the Woods, which will arrive on DVD in the UK on 19 February, and in the US a little later on 2 March. It’s also currently available on VOD in the UK.

Beyond the Woods was shot entirely in the Republic of Ireland, and follows seven friends who meet up in the beautiful countryside for an idyllic weekend getaway, which soon turns into a living nightmare after a fiery sinkhole unleashes an ancient evil with a thirst for blood.

The film was written and directed by Sean Breathnach, and stars John Ryan Howard, Irene Kelleher, Ross Mac Mahon, Claire J. Loy, Ruth Hayes, and Seán McGillicuddy. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, the links to buy Beyond the Woods can be found down below.

Beyond the Woods Official Synopsis
Seven friends meet up in the Irish countryside for a secluded weekend getaway but unfortunately for them a fiery sinkhole has opened up in the mountains nearby. It’s burning hot, spewing out sulphur and casting a hellish stench over the local area. Determined to make the most of the weekend, the group decide not to let the noxious atmosphere get to them…but it’s getting worse. Soon the troubling hallucinations begin as an ancient evil starts to take hold. What malevolent force has crawled from the sinkhole and will any of them survive the weekend?

UK DVD AMAZON: http://bit.ly/BeyondTheWoodsDVD
UK VOD ITUNES: https://bit.ly/BeyondTheWoodsVOD-UK
US VOD ITUNES: http://bit.ly/BeyondTheWoodsVOD-US

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