Pack Your Bowls and Grab Your Munchies Because Evil Bong 777 Has Been Greenlit!

If you thought it was finally safe to grind up your kush, you were wrong! The folks over at Full Moon have confirmed that they are ready to bring Evil Bong 777 to viewers everywhere, and this time they’re taking the intrepid gang of creatures to Sin City!

This entry follows the weed-spewing Eebee as she and Faux Batty, Rabbit, Misty, and The Gingerweed Man all bring their signature brand of chaos and mayhem to the streets of Las Vegas. This film will include, and I quote, “…kooky practical special effects, puppet sex, psychotronic comedy and enough smoke to choke a million baked chickens.” If you want a contact high, check out the brief teaser below!

Evil Bong 777 will be released on April 20th (ha!) through Full Moon’s Amazon channels as well as Full Moon Direct. And while the movie is completely financed and ready to roar, the studio wanted to give fans of the series the chance to get involved via Indiegogo, allowing them the opportunity to get contributor exclusives, perks and a chance to be immortalized in the movie itself.

If you want to support the cause, go on over to Indiegogo to make a contribution.



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