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Rick Trembles at this year's Fantasia Film Festival!As promised, today we’re kicking off the first in an ongoing series of comic strip movie reviews. The sinfully awful and wickedly awesome come together to atone for their atrocities right here in our latest Dread Central feature: “Rick Trembles’ Motion Picture Purgatory.” If you’ve never experienced Trembles’ unique brand of film criticism, prepare your eyeballs for a four-panel cartoon assault. Trembles’ comic strips lovingly dissect all manner of cinematic travesties on a mission to excavate and lay bare the guts of each film he reviews. Trembles alternates between exposing the secret perversions lurking behind Hollywood blockbusters and extolling the hidden virtues of even the most twisted underground fetish flicks.

Once you’ve seen Trembles’ comic strip review format, you’ll instantly wonder why the hell somebody hasn’t thought of doing this before. The similarities between movies and comics are well known, so it’s surprising that no one has come up with the idea to merge film criticism with comic strips until now. Of course, “until now” means for the last twenty years or so since, incredibly, that is how long Trembles has been quietly toiling away in Montreal, pumping his weekly strip into the throwaway grinder of weekly alternative rag The Montreal Mirror.

Given Trembles’ penchant for all things horror, it’s only right that we help remedy this situation somewhat. From now on we’ll be running a Motion Picture Purgatory strip each and every Tuesday. We kick it off with Rick’s review of the latest Hollywood rehashing, Pulse. Check it out right here!

Rick’s e-mail can be found right here. If you like what he’s doing, let the guy know, and for God’s sake, head on over to FAB Press and pick up his damn book!

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