Severin Films Is Eaten Alive!


The good folks over at Severin Films just dropped us a line to let us know that Umberto Lenzi’s infamous flick Eaten Alive! (aka Doomed to Die) is coming home to DVD and Blu-ray in the States. Take THAT all 38 countries who banned it!

That’s right! Just in time to bloody up your new year on January 30th, Severin Films is taking a meaty bite out of the sinewy flesh of Italian exploitation history with a blood-soaked release of Lenzi’s sadistic masterpiece! One of the maestro’s most beloved throat-rippers has never looked better, and gluttonous gorehounds will be gifted with a generous grab-bag of gruesome goodness in the Special Features department.

Eight years after he first unleashed the Italian cannibal craze, spaghetti splatter master Umberto Lenzi (Nightmare City, Cannibal Ferox) returned to the jungle for this “graphic” (Monster Hunter), “sordid” (Geek Legacy) and “extreme” (Horror News) gut-muncher that still packs the power to rip your dick off. EuroSleaze hall-of-famers Robert Kerman (Cannibal Holocaust), Janet Agren (City of the Living Dead), Ivan Rassimov (The Man From Deep River) and Me Me Lai (Jungle Holocaust) – along with Hollywood legend Mel Ferrer (War and Peace) – star in this insane assemblage of flesh-ripping mayhem, depraved sexual brutality, and even the Jonestown massacre. Eaten Alive! is now presented uncut, uncensored and fully remastered in HD for the first time ever, with all-new Special Features that slit open the legacy of this definitive cannibal classic.

In addition to the standard release, there will be a limited edition of 2,500 units with an exclusive slip cover and CD soundtrack. Also available exclusively from the Severin webstore – a gut-splattered Eaten Alive! t-shirt and a new entry in the Severin Hall of Fame enamel pin series spotlighting Umberto Lenzi.

Special Features:

  • Welcome to the Jungle: Interview with Director Umberto Lenzi
  • Me Me Lai Bites Back: Feature Documentary on the Queen of Cannibal Movies
  • The Sect of the Purification: Interview with Production Designer Antonello Geleng
  • Archive Interviews with Actors Ivan Rassimov and Robert Kerman
  • 2013 Q&A with Umberto Lenzi from the Festival of Fantastic Films, UK

Slip Cover



Reverse Cover



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