Creepmaker Studios Exposes The Weak and Gives the Finger to Immortality!


Indie horror is the genre’s life blood! The goodness that keeps horror’s heart pumping out the gooey goodness, and it’s very much alive in Creepmaker Studios’ two new projects, The Weak and the colorfully named Fuck You Immortality!

The new Italian production company will be focusing on micro/low-budget horror, action, dark comedy, and thriller genres. They also just announced a production deal with Canadian Darkside Releasing to develop a slate of four genre films. The first two are scheduled to go into production in 2018:

The Weak, directed by Tiziano Cella (Subject 0: Shattered Memories, Red Net), is a supernatural horror flick about three friends who go for a one-week trip to Italy, discovering a sanctuary in the woods and awakening an ancient satanic force.

F#ck You Immortality will mark the feature-length debut of Italian genre director Federico Scargiali. In the film a couple of old hippies are searching for Joe, a long-time friend from the ’70s who seem to be stuck in time and never aged a day since then. Through technicolor ninjas(!), bizarre metalheads, shamans, and ancient rituals, the couple embark on a journey with no turning back.

Creepmaker’s founder and producer Alan M. Cossettini commented: “We couldn’t be more excited about our collaboration with Darkside Releasing. They totally embraced our vision, and we have some great projects coming. Our first two features are currently under pre-production; we are actually casting and searching for the last locations. Get prepared for some of the craziest, frightening, challenging, and offbeat films ever!

Beside these two upcoming titles, Creepmaker Studios and Darkside Releasing are also working on Meathead, an ’80s inspired horror about a metalhead turning into a hideously deformed and shapeless meat creature, and Take Away Meltdown, a black comedy/body horror where customers of a local Chinese restaurant literally melt on their new menu.

All of these films were presented at this year’s AFM and will hit the Berlin and Cannes film markets soon. Check out the first posters below.

Fuck You Immortality - Creepmaker Studios Exposes The Weak and Gives the Finger to Immortality!

The Weak poster 1 - Creepmaker Studios Exposes The Weak and Gives the Finger to Immortality!



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