Utopia Fest 2017: 5 Movies I’m Looking Forward to Seeing


Yesterday, we gave you an update about Israel’s Utopia Fest, which will be taking place in Tel Aviv next week. Packed with horror and genre offerings from around the world, it can’t be denied that many of the films on their list are ones that I’ve already seen at various other films festivals throughout the year. That being said, there are several titles which completely slipped me by or I haven’t had the opportunity to watch yet and these are the ones I’m most excited to plop my butt into a theater for! So, join me below as I highlight five films that are playing at Utopia Fest 2017 that I am extremely excited to see!

More information about Utopia can be found at their official website.

Children of the Fall

I strongly relate to the foundational plot of this film in which a young woman goes to Israel in the hopes of finding a home. However, even though she’s Jewish, there are those in 1970’s Israel who don’t take too kindly to her presence and the kibbutz that she stays at will become the setting for a night of terror and bloodshed.

Plus, Michael Ironside of Turbo Kid and Total Recall fame is in this, so I’m hooked by that alone!

Gan de Lange’s Short Films

I’ve always been fascinated by practical FX and the magic that not only goes into making them look good but finding the right ways to utilize them on screen. Here’s a chance for me to see that magic in action from new and potentially fascinating perspectives.


I’m a sucker for a good psychological thriller and if the below trailer is any indication, this film is going to be one helluva mind fuck. There are some films that leave me shaken to the core and I have a sneaking suspicion that Family will have a lasting impact that I’ll remember for a long, long time.

Madam Yankelova’s Fine Literature Club

While labelled as a drama, something about the strange and surreal description of this film has me thinking that there is a strong horror element running through its core. The story follows a woman, who is a member of a book club that prohibits falling in love, committing that very same sin. She must decide if she can trust her heart or stay trapped in the comfort she knows. Meanwhile, the man who loves her back must find a way to snap her out of the strange reality that engulfs them both.


Found footage horror may leave a bad taste in some mouths but I still have faith in the medium. In this film, soldiers who were the subject of a military experiment must expose the truth when they discover after seven years that the trials they underwent have disastrous consequences.



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