Adult Coloring Book Zombie Politicians Arriving Just in Time for the Holidays


Democrat, Republican, or Independent… I think we can all agree that sometimes our politicians seem more brain dead than the rest of us. And if you and your friends have politics on your minds these days, then we have the perfect holiday gift item for you all!

Zombie Politicians is a new adult coloring book that contains 22 zombified politicians: 10 Democrats, 10 Republicans, and 2 third party figures (Gary Johnson and Jill Stein). It’s 56 pages in length as each illustration has its own front and back to tear out and display.

Zombie Politicians… they’ve always been after our brains even when they weren’t dead.

Jake Tri is the one who put this together (he is also the author of the Nightmare Soup book series), and it’s as “bipartisan” as possible and all in good fun.

The book is currently taking pre-sales for the holidays through BabblePress with orders set to go out on December 14th. Everyone who pre-orders will also get a digital/printable version with 5 bonus zombie politicians not included in the physical book.

Check out a few pages below along with a video, and visit for more info.




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