House of Screaming Death Swings the Hammer on British Anthologies


Hammer films are much beloved amongst the horror fanbase, and naturally there are those out there that wish the classic films of yesteryear were still being made. Dare you enter The House of Screaming Death, an anthology of reverence re-emergence of that classic Hammer feel.

Made on a budget of £4,000, The House of Screaming Death brings a host of local talent both in front of and behind the camera from the Midlands, UK, as well as acclaimed British Actor Ian McNeice, who spins together four chilling tales over the course of an evening in Bray Manor. Tales of ghouls, witches, vampyre and demonic chills.

Alex Bourne, Troy Dennison, Rebecca Harris-Smith, David Hastings, and Kaushy Patel direct all the spooky goodies.

With its roots firmly in the world of classic HAMMER HORROR anthology films, THE HOUSE OF SCREAMING DEATH revolves around the sinister & mysterious storyteller, known as THE ARCHITECT (Ian McNeice), who on one eerie night, in an old Bray Manor, is preparing to share four CHILLING tales with a captive audience he has invited. As each story unfolds in their own unique, bloody & frightening way, the finale will shock and terrify as THE ARCHITECT also has one last story of his own to share.

Each horrific segment delves into explicit corners of the supernatural, summoning such damned creations as the ghostly Lady in Grey, stories of Witchcraft most foul, Vampirism & the Occult. Filmed around the Midlands in late 2015 & early 2016, including Staffordshire, Sandwell and Walsall areas, The House of Screaming Death is a truly innovative and welcome return to the celebrated BRITISH GOTHIC HORROR of a bygone era.



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