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Ashy Slashy Puppet - NECA Announces Ashy Slashy Puppet Replica

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NECA Announces Ashy Slashy Puppet Replica

One of our favorite horror TV shows is Starz’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” and one of our favorite moments from the first two seasons is when Ash brings out his “Ashy Slashy” puppet.

If you’re like us and have been wondering when you could get your hands on an Ashy Slashy puppet of your own, today we have good news.

NECA has just announced its prop replica!

You can check out pics of the packaging reveal NECA did over on Facebook below, and then let us know if you’re going to be buying your very own Ash Slashy puppet.

We’ll let you know when the item becomes available for pre-order!

Rundown via NECA:
Every day can be demented play day with your very own Ashy Slashy puppet from Season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead! We’ve replicated Ash’s potty-mouthed little doppelganger from the asylum episodes for your (hopefully G-rated) entertainment.

This is a working puppet – insert your hand, and you can move the mouth; plus the arms are poseable thanks to inner articulation. 

Ashy Slashy is approximately 15” tall.

Ashy Slashy package 01 - NECA Announces Ashy Slashy Puppet Replica


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