Get Some Horror Tunes and Help the Suicide Prevention Lifeline!


Mental health awareness is something that I’m very vocal about. People who suffer from mental illnesses are often stigmatized, ignored, or dismissed, if not outright treated poorly or even with hostility. It’s a hard enough life already without being made to feel shame for something that is chemically wrong on our end, so you better believe that I’m going to fight to help support my brothers and sisters in this battle to the very end.

I know that one of the things that helps me out when times are tough and I’m feeling low is music. Be it sad, depressing music that I use as catharsis, metal to get me pumped up, pop to put a smile on my face, or some form of electronica to get my body moving, it’s a safe and consistent method to making me feel better.

That’s why I’m loving this new compilation album from Neo-LA titled Grave Wave Vol. 1 – A Synthesized Horror Compilation. For only $5, you get 10 tracks of horror synth goodness from artists such as Facexhugger, Dreddd, Unholy Rat King, Cyberscape, and more. But the bonus here is that 100% of the proceeds will go to the National Suicide Prevent Lifeline, an organization that 24/7 free and confidential support to those who are feeling like suicide is an option or for those who think a loved one might be considering taking that route.

If you want to get some new tunes in your library AND support a worthwhile cause, I highly recommend this one right here.



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