Danny Trejo on the Scene of a Murder in the Woods – Exclusive Trailer Premiere and More!

Murder in the Woods Poster s - Danny Trejo on the Scene of a Murder in the Woods - Exclusive Trailer Premiere and More!

The juggernaut that is Danny Trejo continues to cut a swath of lunacy through our genre and we’re all the better for it! Next up we have the exclusive trailer, poster, and details on his latest film, Murder in the Woods from director/producer Luis Iga.

The film, from writer/producer Yelyna De Leon and director Luis Iga, stars Trejo alongside José Julián, Jeanette Samano, Kade Wise, Jordan Diambrini, Catherine Toribio, and Chelsea Rendon.

The film will be having its premiere at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Los Angeles on Saturday Nov 4th at 2:15pm. If you’re in the area you can get your tickets here.

My goal is to create, execute and deliver stories that reach, entertain and immerse audiences,” says Iga. “I developed that passion and my creativity at a very young age. As a child, I developed a passion for filmmaking, photography, sculpture, printmaking, and multimedia. I recall borrowing my father’s beta camera to shoot sequences with my G.I. Joe figures and buying fireworks at the corner store to recreate scenes with visual effect mini-explosions. Additionally, by the age of twelve, I designed the brand identity for Ropa Modelo, S.A. a jean company in Mexico.

This multi-artistic background is what has fuels my vision as a filmmaker. The stories I like to tell are inspired by true stories, my experiences or by recreating an experience that I enjoy. For example, I am a big fan of roller coasters and how they make me feel. In my opinion that’s what Horror and Slasher films are all about. To immerse and audience in a wild ride that will make them jump and scream.

Iga continues, “I realized that this type of film had never been done in English where Latinos and people of color are the leads and they are not portrayed in stereotypical ways. This is why while developing this indie feature, I was very conscious of making sure that there would be a diverse cast in lead roles. My goal was to make sure that we could tell a story that would showcase the talent of up and coming actors of color. That was a very important for both my producing partner and I. This film showcases the talents of our young diverse cast and I’m proud to say that we have made the first “All American Slasher” with a full diverse cast in non-stereotypical roles.
I hope you enjoy my passion and hard work in the stories I tell.

Soon after arriving to a mysterious cabin in the woods, a group of teens discover the dark secret it holds, which forces them to fight for their lives.

Murder in the Woods Poster - Danny Trejo on the Scene of a Murder in the Woods - Exclusive Trailer Premiere and More!



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