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Zombie Wolverine on the Rampage!



Marvel Zombies' WolverineWolverine is “the best he is at what he does” including killing his former super hero colleagues, taking out Galactus and eating half the brains left in New York! Based on the hugely successful Marvel Zombies franchise, this exclusive six-inch Zombie Wolverine bust features the iconic hero as never before – complete with exposed born, torn flesh and a truly Hulk-sized appetite for destruction!

Marvel Zombies began in the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four as part of an alternate universe filled with zombi-fied versions of Marvel’s star super heroes. Gone were the heroic ideals and dedication to saving innocent lives, replaced by a gut-wrenching, action-packed look at the end of a universe at the hands of its heroes. Starring in the miniseries, Zombie Wolverine has to battle his newly-undead enemies, deal with the loss of his healing factor and figure out how many one-armed Canadians it takes to change a light bulb!

This six-inch exclusive bust will only be available domestically through Comic Statues and will be limited to just 500 pieces with an international edition released through standard channels. Sculpted by Rudy Garcia, each bust will also feature a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of Authenticity. For more information, please visit Horror States.


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