Black Site Trailer Declassified; Martial Artists vs. Lovecraftian Elders!

Fists and tentacles will fly in the new indie feature Black Site, and we have your first look right here. Dig it! Cthulhu demands your attention!

From the Press Release:
AirPick Pictures and Tom Paton Film are proud to announce the release of the first teaser trailer for their forthcoming movie BLACK SITE, a supernatural action best described as HP Lovecraft meets The Raid, starring Mike Beckingham (brother of Simon Pegg) and directed by Tom Paton (Redwood, Pandorica).

BLACK SITE is the story of Ren Reid, orphaned as a child when a member of an ancient race known as the Elder Gods killed her parents. Twenty years have passed; and a fractured Ren now works for Artemis, an organization set up to contain and then deport these entities back to where they came from. When the Elder God responsible for Ren’s childhood tragedy is caught and brought to the Black Site for deportation, Ren must partner with an unlikely ally as the last line of defense against a wave of worshipers hellbent on releasing their deity back into the world. With the facility on lockdown and the enemy closing in, Ren has just hours to avenge her parents and prove once and for all that she is worthy of wearing the Artemis uniform.

Mike Beckingham stars in the movie, as a follow-up to his first collaboration with Tom Paton, REDWOOD (fresh from two sell-out screenings at FrightFest and set for a major release in early 2018 from Carnaby International}. Early reactions to that movie have been beyond positive, setting the table for this larger, more ambitious production to introduce audiences to the rich and detailed world Paton has created in BLACK SITE.

Critics say, “Paton’s debut features mark him as the genre name to watch.” The film wrapped production in summer 2017, slated for a 2018 release.

black site poster - Black Site Trailer Declassified; Martial Artists vs. Lovecraftian Elders!

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